Friday, 3 January 2014

Guerlain 4 seasons

Welcome 2014! 

My first post of the year is a review of the guerlain terracotta 4 seasons bronzer in moyen 05 brunette.
Who doesn't love a bronzer in the depths of winter, especially a bronzer as fabulous as this little beauty. Never before have I been so impressed with a product and so excited to use it. 

First off the packaging is so beautiful and it even comes in its own little pouch. It is delicately scented which just adds to the luxurious feel and the consistency is so creamy which makes it super easy to blend. 
The four shades means that you can use this bronzer in many ways whether for contouring, highlighting and even as an eyeshadow. In fact because the bronzer is completely matte I really love using it to contour. 

Here's a swatch of all for colours, the furthest one being all four mixed together. Guerlain recomend using the top half of the bronzer during the winter as these two are the lightest shades and will give a subtle bronzed glow, during the spring they recommend using all four colours for a more intense colour. 
Lastly during the summer when the skin is darker they recommend using just the bottom half of the palette for a dark summer glow. 

Here I mixed all four together as I must admit I am a bit of a bronzer addict and even though we are unfortunately not yet blessed with spring weather I still love a tan! 

The bronzer contains SPF 10 and is enriched with pure gold which gives the skin a gorgeous glow without using shimmer or glitter. 

I've heard that every 30 seconds at least one terracotta bronzer is sold in the world and although at £46.50 it's pricey, it really doesn't surprise me. It's certainly the best bronzer I've ever used and I can see myself owning a few more geurlain bronzer's by the end of the year. I'm a fan for sure! 

Do you have any guerlain products that you recomend? 



  1. I only used Guerlain's bronzing powder and I loved it!! :)

  2. Happy new year lovely. This looks really beautiful, I'm a sucker for nice packaging and products that come in their own pouch!

    Jennie xo |

  3. I've never tried any Guerlain products but this looks amazing! I just got my first Soleil Tan De Chanel and I havn't had the guts to touch it yet it's so pretty! xxx