Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance Spray

'Each act of Grace blooms with beauty'

Philosophy are not a brand that I am all too familiar with as I have not used many of their products. 

However as I was browsing through Debenhams one afternoon I walked past their range of fragrances and couldn't help but stop for a little sniff. Pure Grace was the fragrance that really caught my attention, it is described as 'the clean smell of soap and water, the memory of fresh air woven into a set of white cotton sheets' 

I gotta say... They are not wrong! 

With scents of bergamot, jasmine and musk the smell of pure grace for me is so inoffensive, not like your normal perfume... Sort of like an anti fragrance, that's perfect for day or night. 

I have not met a person that doesn't like the smell of this fragrance and the staying power of it is superb, it lasts all day with only using a small amount. 

In the layering set it also comes with a shower/bath gel and a whipped body creme. The shower gel can also be used to wash hair. It lathers nicely and leaves skin feeling soft and really super clean. 

The body creme is so moisturising and a little goes a long way as it is quite thick in consistency.

 The three products work perfectly together and leave you feeling fresh and clean all day and I always get lots of compliments on my perfume when I've used the spray fragrance. 

The set is such good value as for a 60ml bottle of the Pure Grace fragrance spray on its own is £32. 

The layering set includes a 60ml bottle of fragrance spray, 240ml bottle of bath/shower gel and a 120 ml tub of whipped body creme. 

There are three other fragrances in the range being, Living Grace, Inner Grace and Amazing Grace. I have to say that Pure Grace is by far my favourite. 

Are you a fan of philosophy?


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